Bookworm Adventures Full Game

Bookworm Adventures Deluxe Fight. Most treasures may upgrade for best effects and improved abilities, mostly in the sequel. Weaknesses are now combined to a bonus category.

Texmaker Publish your academic texts, eBooks and more using this nifty application for Windows and Mac devices. Click on the bookworm to scramble the tiles, however it will add burning tiles to the board! This game was develop and published by the PopCap Games.

At the opposite side, the player can do several attacks in-between the enemy's attacks by spelling words quickly. Your email address will not be published. These gems have various positive effects, such as increasing the damage done by the word, healing Lex, or adding elements to an attack such as poison or flame.

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It is the ultimate test of vocabulary valor! The player can see what attacks and abilities the enemy can use, located at the bottom-right portion of the screen. Burning tiles will burn lower after each word spelled. Publish your academic texts, eBooks and more using this nifty application for Windows and Mac devices.

Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 Free Download

While potions can be acquired gradually by defeating foes, potions and, later in the game, gems can also be awarded for playing separate word-based mini-games between stages. Unscrable the letters to find all of the required words in levels.

Bookworm Adventures Download PC

Another issue with the game is that it has a repetitive feel. Explore and solve hundreds of challenging puzzles in this block-smashing puzzle game! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The longer the word which is formed, the more damage is done to opponents. Spell the bonus word for huge score bonus!

How many levels can you make it through? Longer words earn your more points. Instead of using weapons, players create words to fight. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Similarly, words generated using letters which are less common do more damage than those using only common letters.

Bookworm Adventures Full PC Game

Treasures provide special abilities to Lex, such as a reduction in damage inflicted to him, or more damage generated from words containing certain letters. After the player has accumulated more than three items, Lex must then choose which three items to bring along on later chapters.

Use the letters to spell words and complete the word pyramid. These tiles result from the attacks of certain foes like the Minotaur. Trademarks belong to their respective owners. Treasures can upgrade previous treasures for a more powerful effect. Use the given letters to find all of the words in each level in this addicting word game!

Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 Free Download Full PC Game

These tiles are caused by attacks from certain foes such as Witch. In the Adventure mode, the player solves the mystery of the Great Library, fighting the opponents in order. Overview Play Bookworm Online for Free!

Unlike the prequel, a player may replay their adventure after it is completed. They used to be considered a low art form. Conquer exciting mini-games and brilliant bonus modes to test your word puzzle prowess. In addition, warped tiles warp to hard letters J, K, Qu, X, Z after every turn, and will not change their letter when the player scrambles the grid unless they are purified before. Tome of Knowledge is available in both games, where it contains all information of the enemies, their attacks and abilities, their flavor text, and secrets that the player has found.

Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 Free Download

Pros Gives players more than enough time to form words before their opponents do. While the backgrounds and opponents change, players must still form words from various letters and use the same potions and products to win their battles. However, tiles of different types, with either positive or negative attributes, can appear during play. The longer the individual word used, the more powerful the gem tile granted. Play Bookworm Online for Free!

Bookworm Adventures Deluxe is a word-puzzle game. Bookworm Adventures Deluxe Map is Big. The more skillfully the player plays these mini-games, the greater the reward. Bookworm Adventures Download free Full Version.

Get free alternatives to Bookworm Adventure. Bookworm Adventure A puzzle game for multiple devices that emphasizes the exercise of vocabulary and critical thinking. Link letters to feed the Bookworm in this exciting word game from PopCap! In the original Bookworm Adventures, abilities armored status, immunities, samsung star games and applications and weaknesses are displayed in the attack listing of the enemy.

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Shooting Games Simulation Games. Some attacks can combine two or more effects. In the sequel, the player can also be awarded a companion, which gives a beneficial effect every four turns. As with the previous negative tiles, these tiles also result from the attacks of certain foes, like Polyphemus. These tiles are caused by attacks from certain foes such as The Butterfly.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Players will quickly notice that most levels are fairly similar. Here, players can battle through all the bosses in a fast-paced action instead of the Adventure mode's turn-based gameplay except for certain bosses Hydra, Sphinx, Professor Codex. Bookworm Adventures Deluxe Awesome Word.