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Newer Post Older Post Home. Charan's mother is in a critical condition, but Charan and his uncle Tanikella Bharani do not have enough money to pay for her operation. Default Default Title Rating. In the process, gunfire takes place, where all of Karthikeya's men get shot. Karthikeya will trade Charan's mother for Sanjana.

If you like this blog forward the link to your friends. He then runs after Biku's car but fails to get him. Save Playlist Clear Close. Later, Charan tells Sanjana that he loves her. And using his body Charan lures Mattu into his trap.

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Charan seems to be irritable around Sanjana. The local mafia leader's son has committed murder and offers Charan a deal.

Cherry has the biggest support of all the Mega fans. Charan tells Sanjana that Biku is none other than Mattu Bhai's son.

Chirutha (2007)

Charan also retaliates with a gun and kills some of Biku's men, but Biku gets away with Sanjana. Just then, Karthikeya comes in a helicopter.

Again the unit left for Bangkok for the final schedule. Its filming began in and was shot extensively around Thailand. Matuu Bhai without killing him and Sanjana as suggested by his son Biku, lets them away saying he would hunt them.

Charan also falls in love with Sanjana Neha Sharma. Using his body, Charan lures Mattu Bhai into his trap and then kills him, in the same way that Mattu Bhai killed Charan's father. Disclimer All the songs provided in this blog are for the testing purpose only. Mani Sharma composed the film's soundtrack and score. The film marks the debut of Ram Charan Teja, son of the popular Telugu actor Chiranjeevi, in the lead role.

Chirutha directed by the fantastic director Puri jagannath is movie on which there are a lots of hopes to be hit. The goons hit Charan on the head, he falls down, and they go away. Charan is one of the tour guides but seems to be irritable around Sanjana.

This is when Mattu Bhai recognizes who Charan is. Charan tells Sanjana that he loves her. Mani Sharma Music Director Follow.

Unfortunately, Mattu Bhai and his henchmen break into their house that night. Get Activation Code New User?

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Charan leaves his mother in Karthikeya's care. The second half slows down a bit. Charan survives uninjured.

By the time Charan finishes telling his foiled plot to kill Mattu Bhai, a lot of guys in black robes and black suits come, and then a fight starts. Sanjana and her friends arrive in Bangkok as tourists. Overview Most Popular Discover. Then a member of the company for which Charan works searching for him on a boat finds him and takes him back. This movie starring Chiru's son Ram charan teja Cherry and neha.

Afterwards, Joe returns home to his wife and son, Charan. He tells her that she has her father, but his mother has no one except him. In the process gunfire takes place where all the men of the Sanjana's father get shot. Charan plans to go to Bangkok to join a travel agency recommended by his uncle. Charan loves Sanjana, spartiti musicali per fisarmonica but Charan didn't expect Sanjana to fall in love with him.

Any other links are taken from other websites and the source is clearly mentioned. The soundtrack album is composed by mani sharma. The plus points of the film are Ram Charan Teja, songs and fights. Sanjana tells Charan that she loves him too and her father would never let her marry him.

Rakhi Telugu Songs Download. Mattu Bhai, without killing Charan and Sanjana as suggested by his son, lets them escape saying he would hunt them, but Charan kills all the men of Mattu Bhai and finally kills Biku. At first, Karthikeya tells to leave Charan, and the goons leave him, but when Sanjana tells him that she wants and loves Charan, Karthikeya tells the goons to kill Charan.

Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar. Then he kills Mattu Bhai, in the same way he killed his father. When he meets his uncle again, he finds out that his mother has died. Sanjana's father will trade Charan's mother for Sanjana. The goon takes Charan with hands tied to an island where Mattu and Biku are there.

Chirutha Telugu Movie Songs Lyrics

Chirutha Telugu Movie Songs Lyrics

Charan sees a helicopter in the sky, but Sanjana does not want anyone to find them. His unlce lied to Charan that his mother died. At first the heroine's father tells to leave him, and the goons leave him, but when the Shanjana tells him that she wants him and loves him, her father tells the goons to kill him. Playlist Themed Playlist Recent Popular. Then Sanjana's father calls the Charan and tells him that his mother is still alive.

Chirutha Telugu Songs Download. Chirutha was produced by C. Ivvale Song Lyrics - Chirutha.

Select your display language You can choose one language. Charan takes Sanjana to a building where he tells her that he is going to trade her for his mother. His uncle lied to Charan that his mother died. Naidu and editing by Saibaba.

Brindavanam Telugu Songs Download. Meanwhile, Mattu Bhai sees the pictures of Charan and Sanjana on television, which was the effort of Karthikeya to find her, and recognizes Charan as the person who tried to kill him. But Charan kills all the men of Mattu and finally kills Mattu's son. Meanwhile, Biku Daniel Balaji and his henchmen bother Sanjana. The goons take Charan with his hands tied to the island where Mattu Bhai and Biku are.