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Check out these moments with Mowgli and his jungle friends and relive the thrilling adventure! You must journey through the jungle and other terrain taken straight from the movie like Louie's Temple. The Jungle Book Gallery Check out these moments with Mowgli and his jungle friends and relive the thrilling adventure! Virgin's bombarding Nintendo and Sega systems with Jungle Book games this summer.

Now available for purchase Friend invite accepted. The music and sound effects are, by far, some of the best. Aladdin Aladdin is one of the finest platformers ever. The list of authors can be seen in the page history.

For the easy mode, the player needs to collect eight gems, or ten for the medium. Start flinging projectiles as soon as you leap to new platforms. Three difficulty levels also await you.

Disney The Jungle Book

The Mowgli character must shoot or avoid enemies and negotiate platformed levels and enemies by running, jumping, climbing vines and using the various weapons and powerups available during the game. Find gems in the danger-filled jungles, get past Shere Khan, and make it to the Man Village. Anna sets off on an epic journey - teaming up with mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven - to find her sister Elsa.

Hand-picking the best in gaming. This game is similar to those well-crafted versions in theme, but the game play is faster. Like the Aladdin games, this one captures the visual appeal of the film well. Now Mowgli is older and must go back to the man-village.

Strong controls make the handheld Mowgli the most accurate banana-tosser yet. For example, he sometimes steps off a ledge when you only want him to turn around. You may like these products.

You can bet your bottom dollar that both of these games will be huge successes! It's a nice platform game both horizontally and vertically scrolling. None of the verified owners have rated this game.

Jump past them and keep firing at Kaa's head. The characters are as appealing as ever, expressing their personalities with individual movements.

Maybe Virgin should just start with Steamboat Willy and go down the line making games for everything Disney's ever done. Bungle in the Jungle If you saw the Disney animated flick, you'll be familiar with the characters including Mowgli, Baloo, able cartoons for kids and Bagheera. Disney The Jungle Book in library.

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Jungle Book Jungle Sprint

Bare Necessities Challenge. Fans of the flick will love watching Shere Khan on the prowl or Kaa in the trees. Mowgli starts the game with a banana projectile, but may collect invincibility masks, coconuts, double banana shots, and boomerang bananas during the game.

Though he only starts with a banana projectile in the beginning of the game, Mowgli can collect along the way invincibility masks, coconuts, boomerang bananas and double banana shots. Gems and an extra life are at the top of the vines right at the beginning. You will have to go through the jungle and other areas where Shere Khan's henchmen are waiting to give Mowgli trouble. Most helpful Most positive Most critical Most recent.

Once again, youthful Mowgli is hopping and bopping his way through India in search of civilization. Let the game stand entirely on its own merits. The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout. He befriends Mowgli in hopes of learning how fire is made. Mowgli's Adventure Help Mowgli collect bananas!

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When you come to unreachable vines or ledges, look for hidden blocks that you can move to use as jumping platforms. Bright colors fill the jun-gle, and varied backgrounds define the different levels.

Playing this game will be as much fun to look at as it is to play. For instance, sassy Mowgli boxes with moves straight from the flick. The graphics will enthrall you. Everything is slightly speeded up on the Genesis, making it Virgin's most entertaining version yet. The player has only seven minutes to complete a level.

Mowgli can shoot or avoid enemies. Support Game technical issues. King Louie A swinging orangutan and leader of the apes.

Here you will have to jump on leaves, platforms, and even parrots to reach the top. The characters, story line, and songs are based on Disney's animated film, and everything comes together for well-crafted fun. The graphics and sounds are both above average, but not great. There's no bungle in this Jungle. Commemorative Bit Poster Art.

You can ride on the turtle, but the stones will give way if you stand on them. Unfortunately, you won't recognize the meandering game play, which plods along at a pace much slower than the rollicking movie. The sounds, unfortunately, push you right out.

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