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Set the Page Refresh Filter to control how frequently pages refresh. The default selection is Speak Screen Text. Freedom Scientific provides software solutions for blind and low vision needs. Software Solutions Freedom Scientific provides software solutions for blind and low vision needs.


Software Solutions

Links are placed on their own line in the virtual buffer. The nesting level of each table is also announced. Such tables are often used as navigation bars at the top, bottom, or side of the Web page and for placement of graphics or other objects on the page. This assures that the text you are currently reading is displayed on the screen at the same time. This image does not have any descriptive text.

We compare the text from after the title until the text on both pages differs. Each cell in the table is separated by a vertical bar. However, some Web pages do use inline frames for important information. Web pages are sometimes set to automatically refresh, or reload, to regularly update information.

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Don't forget to reset these to unchecked when you are finished testing. They find the announcement irritating. Blindness Solutions With a wide range of refreshable braille displays, we offer many options to fit your needs. When Expand Abbreviations is checked, if a title attribute is present for an abbr.

In addition, all items in a single table row are displayed on the same line. If you are still unclear which license type you have, or are having problems activating your software please contact Technical Support at or send an e-mail to Support FreedomScientific. For customers in the United States who have purchased an Annual license, all license management is done via the Software Licensing Portal. Access keys are the underlined letters in menus and in dialog box controls.

This specifies if headings are not announced, announced as headings only, announced with the heading level indicated, indicated by playing a sound, or spoken in a different voice. Use this checkbox to determine whether frames are announced when frames are entered and exited. This article relies too much on references to primary sources.

Software Solutions

Use this series of radio buttons to determine which image map links are announced. With a wide range of refreshable braille displays, we offer many options to fit your needs.

Inline frames are often used to display advertisements. So, we skip the first line which is the title and then compare character for character, ignoring white space. This text is not displayed on the screen. We are dedicated to providing the best software to provide accessibility tools for work and home. However, if you are testing Web pages you most likely want to disable this filter.

To suppress such announcements, the recommended method is to go into Speech and Sounds manager and change the behavior there for each individual attribute desired. Press T to look for tables on the page. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Images are often used as links. First, avira antivir personal en 2012 you must understand which type of license you were provided so we can get you to the right location.

Specific letter keys on the keyboard can be pressed to navigate to the next or previous element of a specific type, such as text boxes or check boxes. These settings work for edits, upload edits, password edits, combo boxes, list boxes, extended select, and multi select list boxes, check boxes, and radio buttons. The default is to use the image's name and path. You only hear the text link read.

The Portal is where all license management can be performed, such as moving the license from one computer to another. This check box is selected by default. Jewelry Purses Jeans Electronics. This checkbox is checked by default.

Baseball Hockey Football Rugby. Use this setting to enable or disable the Flexible Web feature. Use this series of radio buttons to determine which image links are announced. Sections of images are often mapped out by coordinates and used as links.


Also note the help text just below the tree view, which changes to show context-sensitive help for the selected item in the tree. Type select and copy in the search edit box to find it quickly. This product, called WordScholar, is no longer available. Unfortunately, in this case the file name is also not descriptive.

Opens a new window Freedom Scientific Web site. It is also a link to the Freedom Scientific Web site. The image below this paragraph is the Freedom Scientific corporate logo. Disability portal Software portal. Access keys let you move directly to an item such as a link or form control.

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By default, headings are announced with the level indicated. Our team is passionate about what we do and committed to the communities that we serve. This page contains links to the various tools provided to help you manage your Freedom Scientific Software License. Discover the freedom of independently reading and viewing the details that matter with any of our powerful low vision magnifiers.

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