Kick-ass The Game

Aim for the bull's eye and fire your bow and arrow score the highest points to win. It's a sweet kick, and after it he does the thing where you hold your fingers in a heart shape.

The game begins after Kick-Ass is freed from the thugs. Before Kick Ass can complete his training, however, antagonist from the previous video game, Chris D'Amico accidentally kills his mother. Navigate your shuttle safely through the danger of outer space in this great game, adobe flash player for firefox 15.0 Outer Space Esca. Rabbit's Respawn on YouTube.

Can't really ask for more. It's worth it, though, to slam both boots into a zed's chest and send it sailing over the horizon. It takes place three to four years after the events of the first film and video game. Same rules as Casino Roulette. Rotate pipes and let the water flow to the other side but don't allow it to crash.

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The game was heavily criticized by critics, for its technical glitches and lack of originality. Shoot the pokemon before the escape Play now! Then finish it off by kicking it in the face. Find out what it's like to drive on ice in this racing game.

This is another awesome checkers game. You have to manouver the stick Play now!

The most kick-ass kicking in PC games

To win as much money as possible. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The main character, Kick-Ass has retired from superhero and crime-fighting work.

Take aim and shoot in Power Play! He blames Kick Ass for this, and vows to get his revenge. Unlike the comic book and movie, the video game story line introduces all three characters from the start. Memberlist About Us Contact Us. Try not to get too competitive!

Let the debate rage on was a brutally physical fantasy playground. The double-footed flying dropkick. Clear the place up, jump onto as many monsters as possible, dont step on the worm tais! That's the power of a well-placed foot. There are also a large number of combos which can be used against enemies in the game.

Dive for pearls and treasure under the sea around the island, but make sure you don't run out of ox. Duke Nukem's high-kicking and shrunken alien-stomping moves are still pretty mighty. Just because it's called bullet time doesn't mean it's just for bullets. Kicking enemies off cliffs and into fires and onto spikes was so enjoyable it became a major distraction. Kicking breaks the laws of physics.

When Kick-Ass first tries to be a superhero, the thugs beat him. And there's nothing more physical than the double-footed flying dropkick. The Game is set in New York City.

Clikc on the proper eggs to hatch all the monsters at once. Combine them and you've got a playground of slide kicks, scissor kicks, and sailing soldiers.

Stun a Ganado by shooting it in the face. Drive your car into the other car and smash it up.

We put PC gaming s best foot forward with a collection of killer kicks

Use your ladybug to push the yellow dots around and move them into the holes. Try not to get beaten up, though! Fistful of Frags on YouTube. And if you're sliding, you might as well be kicking, too.

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The game features a wide variety of weapons for the players use in fighting enemies and bosses. Even barroom brawls rarely conjure the thought of kicking, more like easily-telegraphed round-house punches and maybe someone getting thrown through those swinging half-doors at the saloon. Duke's kicking is so cool that even his own reflection is so impressed it can't reflect light back to him without being a half-second late. When you think of cowboys, you probably think of six-shooters and Winchester rifles and maybe a stick of dynamite.

We put PC gaming s best foot forward with a collection of killer kicks

Play against the computer this time as you battle to become t. Weapon upgrades as well as environment finishers are always available in the game. Hit Girl and Big Daddy appear and attack the thugs. Let's kick things off right.

One of those damn things explodes. Ping Pong, does exactley what it says on the tin.

Kick-Ass The Game

Hit the throttle on your motorcycle and clear the busses after jumping the ramp. The circumstances of the storyline differ depending on which character the player selects. Walk around the sands of iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction locate oil fields and missile Play now!

As they call it in sports, a kicking goal. Dodge the cameras to successfully shoplift the store! Play against another person shoot down your player usng the heli avoid hitting certain things. Or, you know, maybe hang it over your shoulder, or just lean it against a wall or something. Video games portal Comics portal United States portal Superhero fiction portal.

The most kick-ass kicking in PC games

The Dark Knight is quite adept at kicking thugs into submission, and the kinetic combat and finishing moves in the Arkham games is super-satisfying when it comes to putting boots into goons. The aim of this game is to guide the metallic ball to the finish arrow by rotating the board with th Play now! Ice Hockey at it's finest. How satisfying is it to not only kick a dude in the head but see his face protector shatter into a hundred pieces before finishing him off with a couple of windmill kicks?

Kick-Ass 2 The Game

Guide your alias through the building which is guarded by a very high tech security system. However, he quickly becomes bored of having a normal life and begins training with one of the main characters from the original game and movie, Hit Girl.