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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Will the starship crew ever survive without the good herb? If you could have any producer and any feature on one track who would they be? Radios will soon blast the music of this phenomenal group.

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Even OverDoz have done a amazing job with their acting. The two then decided to form the group OverDoz. Overdoz is currently my favorite group. Also, the music of OverDoz is highly innovate with their style of Hip-Hop, sony sonicstage 4.3 with Rock fused in it to give you a flavor of music that have your senses experience euphoria.

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Once again, the Lord has moved and sent blessings down when those praises were sent up. Had probably one of the best albums last year. Discographies of American artists Rhythm and blues discographies Pop music discographies. After a few amateur night performances at local comedy clubs and the recording of a few classic skits it was only fitting to make him the fourth member of the group. Their creative melodies and concepts have moved over crowds all over the world with comparisons to Outkast, Funkadelic and The Digital Underground.

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Phly Outta Mind Overdoz- Nova Mixtape

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Cole dropped the second best mixtape of the year. Yonas Michael, who is of Eritrean heritage, drew from all genres, sounds and worked with a variety of artists and producers to create his project Lost In Hollywood. Before releasing the album at the end of the group acquired Tube after his return from Arizona State University.