Ruby Gloom Theme Song

However, out of the three, Poe is the one seen most often. Buns is possessed, yet is never seen moving when viewed. The floppy, yet enigmatic Mr. But since Boo Boo couldn't go through walls and Doom Kitty was the only one in the house who could see him, his job was very difficult. They have their own garage band, known as R.

Siren (Ruby Gloom song)

Ruby gloom theme songRuby gloom theme song

The band contains four skeletons. But if Skull Boy doesn't know where he's going, it's mostly because he doesn't know where he comes from. Despite this, he and Scaredy Bat seem to be good friends perhaps best friends. The boys love it until their house falls in around her. Scaredy Bat is a bat with an Indian accent who is afraid of almost everything.

Poe's pampered nature also tends to make him overreact to things that everyone else would more or less take in stride. His only problem is that he can't seem to find one thing and stick to it for any serious length of time. Her positive attitude allows her to act as the voice of reason in the mansion when her friends lose focus on real issues. He is about five times as big as Iris, and is black and red with patterns down his back, and has a small set of wings at the end of his tail. Fantasy Goth Comedy Slapstick Animated sitcom.

Despite being a bat, he's afraid of flying and is also afraid of the dark. At first, Misery says he's just a stuffed sock. Evidently, these traits run in her family, as Misery has had relatives who have been present at every single major disaster in recorded history.

Skele-T is voiced by Michael Dunston. Malady and Malaise These two sisters are Misery's cousins, who, when both are together, cause a localized ice age. When Venus first appeared, she was very voracious and typically acted as a pet. For example, he'd rather tell people he's performing in an actual opera than admit that he's staying home to listen to opera records.

The product line had an interactive website where users could chat in a forum, and click around for free things such as desktop icons and screensavers. He does share the same feelings towards Ruby, but he is clueless about her feelings. Frank is actually the more intelligent of the two, often getting annoyed at Len's lack of understanding. Unfortunately, this seems to be all that is their strength, since they both tend to lose focus on anything that isn't their music.

Fortunately, her friends are all kindhearted enough to take this in their stride. However, Boo Boo enjoys pranking more than he enjoys scaring, much to Mr. Ruby usually has an easy time understanding her, but it doesn't always work.

He wanted to steal everything from Ruby's mansion. Ruby Gloom is a Canadian animated television series based on the Mighty Fine apparel franchise character of the same name by cartoonist, Martin Hsu. They thought Ruby and her friends were about to get rid of them despite knowing that what Ruby and her friends do delights everyone else. After that though, his only real motivation for staying in the mansion has been to scare Scaredy Bat, as he hasn't been able to scare anyone else since, besides people from outside of Gloomsville. Two twins with a German accent who came to live in the Gloom household, original after their run-in with a witch and her gingerbread house.

After a revelation that Mr. Despite their faults, Misery loves her cousins.

Poe meanwhile, as a man of culture and sophistication, likes to think of himself as a role model to the rest of the mansion's residents. Later, she is convinced that he is a special one of a kind friend.

In the Know

Frank and Len's strength lies in performing music. She also talks like a valley girl and has a Hawaiian flower in her hair. This usually results in trouble she doesn't expect.

In Skull Boy's endeavor to discover his roots, he has undergone many personae and occupations. In addition to these named family members, four others are shown. Edgar and Allan are rarely seen and when they are, they never speak but act as Poe's bodyguards and servants since they are taller than him.

He's also afraid of his own reflection. She likes to write in her diary and knit. There are no subtitles or closed captions.

Ruby gloom theme song

Despite this fact, Frank and Len are close. Unfortunately, since Doom can't talk, her only hope of communicating with the others is through mime with violin noises. It is implied that she chased away the dinosaurs, and is very sad that they're gone. From film directing to private investigating, Skull Boy can pretty much do it all.

Buns loves tea cozies and pretty much finds himself in the middle of almost all the action in the mansion. Ruby Gloom Ruby Gloom title card.