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Grasp your handgun firmly and pick your target. Identify and eliminate one high profile target after another! The life of a Professional Sniper is demanding, but rewarding! Find out who called the hit and wreck sweet vengeance upon them and their employers.


Desert Force is a multiplayer game that resembles the gameplay of Counter-Strike. In the sequel to Operation Assault you once again join a multiplayer arena where you must be the last man standing. You will always be able to play your favorite games on Kongregate.

His sexy girlfriend Shorty will protect his rear as she snipes away his enemies. Play as a deadly female Assassin in this brutal, bloody sniper game. The chatty ones always go first. The Madness Men aren't fighting a conventional evil today. Fly to Japan to take down an international crime syndicate that's been causing trouble for your employer.

The fourth installment to the best stickman shooting game. Its shooting till the last man's standing. Use this shooting-range to learn to make the most of every last bullet! War In the sequel to Operation Assault you once again join a multiplayer arena where you must be the last man standing.

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Go on a deep space adventure! You're an ice cold hit man assassin caught up in a world of head shots, dead beats and back stabbers. Get more out of your Kongregate experience.

Build your tower as high as you can and summon up some nasty weapons to take down the haters as they try and tear you down for being who you are. Choose wisely as once the trigger is pulled there is no turning back. Tower defense with a twist.

This is torture, this is art. Vinnie has the best shot in town, log in and find out why in this crazy shoot'em up game!

Shoot, stab and slay and endless march of zombies and don't lose your ground. Be careful at those tricky obstacles and try to finish the race. More contracts, head shots and hits means no more sticks! Take aim for one shot one kill and one last job, work for the mob then work against them.

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Play this epic arcade game in modern day graphics! Hold up guns blazing for as long as you can in an abandoned gun store against waves of flesh eating undead hordes. The largest diamond in the world needs the greatest security system in the world. Use you skills with a bow against the computer or a friend!

Dodge the bullet before you get shot! Stranded on a deserted planet after a failed planetary patrol, this space agent doesn't have the manpower or the firepower to withstand wave after wave of militaristic guards. How will you take over this airship?

Defend your baby's cake against evil monsters! Blast dummies through mazes, obstacles and barriers in this community made cannon puzzler. But many targets lay between you and your final victim. The apocalypse came and the zombies are out to get you!

Point click, kill and escape. Stick Shot is back with more contracts. You are a lone soldier on an old defense tower, use reinforcements and weapons to hold off for as long as you can! Besides them you will meet also many enemies, which is needed to kill. You have a mission, commando!

Shoot waves of undead corpses and watch out for the flying zombies! He has a hundred other meme friends, but when Trollface steals him away, only the other meme guys can come and save him!

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Slaughter them all and find out why they attacked you! Fly your helicopter and avoid the missiles, what a party! And not the kind of buddy that is biologically engineered to be a personal devil machine. Slay robots, aliens and zombies or fight with them against the human resistance in this futuristic upgradeable shooter.

Build up your elevators and man the hallways as you protect your only corridor from the creeps! Evilgeddon Spooky Maximum. To survive this lunacy, you'll need a buddy.

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Follow this sniper assassin's amazing story with rich characters and awesome twists! Complete all missions together. They are altogether an unpleasant lot who constantly war on one another. It's been taken by aliens from outerspace.