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No rarities and few oldies. They use to be a nice hd tracker with many active peers. Heh, the screenshots prove it.

Jumped on new torrents but seed boxes took over. Keep in mind that some movies torrents can belong to several genres, so you should evaluate it before downloading. We have a lot of them, anyone can download games torrents and play them just right after that, but your personal computer must meet the requirements. Great tracker, flash videos from any site I joined a month ago and i really have nothing negative to say about it.

They had the new game of thrones episode in p before any other site i use had it at all. If you can get in, get in! But id rather keep a low profile here.

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If you have any questions before joining let me know! Fast download anh upload speed. Who cares if the site is good or not? They dont ban for no reason! All of a sudden the peer count dropped like a hot potato.

Does this tracker had p Grym releases? So get the facts right before you make a reply as you know me and do not. Back then when I was a member something happend. This tracker had some issues before they banned me. Not even a reply a bunch of email i sent them.

Soon after I was banned for no reason. Some tweaks and more Freeleechs are improving it. But interesting ones are always on.

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One day I went to log in and couldnt. After getting your money you are neglected as fuck! You have no fucking clue who I am! Trying to save your crap site is just over the top and Staff will do anything and say anything. According to that fact we sort all the movies torrents by genres very carefully, selection of genres you can find on the right container.

Any hints on the way forward? Stay far away from sites like this. They are money hungry bitches!

They are dishonest lowlife scambag! Very good speeds and ratio is not that difficult to maintain. Staff speak to you the same way as this moron has done above me. They used to have inactivity Warnings, apparently not anymore.

Now they have the doors open to allow new members I would stay away. Funny how this is the first time I have seen this tracker open within a years time. Ratio is quite simple to keep. Awesome tracker, easy to build ratio there.

Anyone experienced the same? You will see once you join how inactive this tracker is. No reason as to why my account was banned.

Official Twitter Account twitter. They didnt even bother to send me confirmation account for my donation. Very easy to maintain ratio. We have no activity rules, just very basic ratio rules to follow.

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Westworld TORRENT Season 2 HDTV p p

Dirt Rally 2.0 Torrent Download

Apparently I was banned for no reason. One major thing you should pay attention on is genre, because it is one of essential decisions to pick the right one by your mood. Pretty funny how I am Anonymous and they already know who I am? You need to keep downloading something or the site will ban you for inactive reason even you log in and browse the site frequently. It looks like now is better.

If you feel like watching some awesome movies, but you don't know where to download them, you are in the right place! Using torrents, streaming, usenet, ddl? How long will they confirm my account? This tracker absolutely sucks!

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Because a lot of them have no seeds on public trackers so I was looking for a private tracker that has them well-seeded. On par with all the other internal groups. Last post is obvious another incorrect dumbass. Excellent tracker also been on for a few years, they have even started doing rips which not many other sites have. Seems like lot of people are banned for no reasons.