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The price list of the ticket is also put up according to the class the passenger prefers to travel. The user enters a valid username and password. Are you sure you want to Yes No. User select logout option.

Welcome to the Seat Reservation System

New user information will be replaced with old information in database. And also to check the flight timings.

Entity Relationship in Airline Reservation System. In cases where payment is declined and the user is returned to the reservation form, preserve data from all fields except the credit card type, number, expiration date, and security code.

The application must be exited always normally. If it is not correct, then the administrator is asked to enter the correct password.


Inventory data is imported and maintained through a Schedule Distribution System over standardized interfaces. Admin is also able to delete a flight. The search criteria can be modified by the user by selecting one-way and multi-destination options which would be displayed. The user has a confirmed flight reservation.

After reservation user will purchase his ticket to confirm seat. If users change his name or password system should update data base. It is a method to break system into small components so that they can be better understood and analyzed.

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Airline Reservations Systems contain airline schedules, fare tariffs, mobile malayalam movies passenger reservations and ticket records. It ensures that each of the requirements defined for the First Class Airlines Reservation application are included and tested for full functionality.

Admin can also view user whole details even a password. The ticket which is cancelled is then added up to the available ticket column. The application displays a menu page to allow user to interact with other areas of the application. Because sensitive information and personal data is exchanged between passengers and the application, the information contained within each session must remain protected and confidential. Function point analysis is a unique measure for software.

User will select type of trip one way or round trip. This icon appears as a question mark nested inside of a circle. It also gives details about the interface with other products and related functionality of each product. Select individual entry to display.

Before there were manual systems people come to the airport reserve seats, find timing by asking from the agents. User enters Email and password. Admin enters Email and password. Based completely on Windows functionality platform.


Airline Reservation System SRS

Through the standard flight search method the user will be able to search one-way, round-trip, or multi-destination flights. After finding an available flight, a user creates a reservation to secure their spot on the desired flight. Every time the application launches. All the data of user is maintain by the admin. Passengers can view a listing of all upcoming flights for which they have reservations.

For entries with successful payment, a reservation will be created and confirmation will be provided to the user. If a flight has been cancelled, the flight details should still be available to the user along with a notation that the flight is no longer scheduled.

In cases where a user has multiple confirmed reservations, an index page will first appear to allow the user to select which flight in which to view the details. An on-screen confirmation message appears. System will give him a warning message. An on-screen notification and email notification are provided to the user upon successful cancellation of the reservation. Soft Color Scheme The application will use a color scheme that does not include high contrast colors in order to reduce eye strain.

SRS Online Airline Ticket Reservation System

System will check him in database and log him in. System will check his authority. Admin has an authority to add a new flight. First, Business or Economy class and other booking classes, for which different prices and booking conditions apply.

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Normal termination of the program. Users will then submit their personal data to secure their seat for the flight. Concurrency and Response An estimate of the following. Payment for the flight is refunded by the pay processor. The administrator should have a sound technical knowledge about maintaining the software and further enhancements will be undertaken by the developer.

Usernames are alphanumeric strings of characters. The user is logged in and has an active secure session. Permission is granted to use, modify, and distribute this document.

The software should be portable and must be inaccessible to unauthorized users. All terms are listed in alphabetical order for easy reference. An emailed refund receipt is sent. The Admin will have to provide all the necessary details.

The application interface will indicate through imagery that a secure session has been established with the server. The software should provide search options.