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Quiche is a savory, open faced pastry crust pie with a custard mix filling of cheese, meat, and vegetables. Or if you love Baking Games, we've got a whole list of Cake Games from carrot to cheese, pound to spice! Learning at PrimaryGames Calling all Teachers!

If you've never tried poached eggs before, try them out on cooked ham, toasted English muffins, and creamy hollandaise sauce. Mix together the delicious cheese and veggies with plenty of egg and spices to make it a full and hearty breakfast meal!

Learn how to bake up a yummy chocolate cake without eggs! You choose what makes our most Popular Cooking Games list, so be sure to pick the most succulent games that all our fans can sample and enjoy. You can hundreds of options to paint and sculpt cool patterns on this delicious chocolate egg! You have three lives to match the three symbols as often as you can before the time lets up. We've got the games just like Mom used to make!

Easter Eggs

The Original Egg Game

So grab your spoon and spatula and start mixing, frying, r&b album and sauteing with Cooking Games! There's no need for reservations because we've got a table waiting for you at our Restaurant Games! WebSockets allow for efficient communication that is vital for games of this type.

Let's change it to the Perfect Lunch! Cereal in any shape or color you can imagine, fruit toppings, smoothies and pancakes, as well as waffles, eggs, bacon, and more!

Do you want a meal that's full of fish, meat, and spices? Potato pancakes need the right amount of sour cream and dill toppings to ensure its delicious taste! Every year, this talented chef invites her family over for a day of Easter egg hunts and eating great food.

They made from flour and egg, cheese, potato, breadcrumbs, and secret ingredients. Match the egg symbols with your particular item for each level. Sometimes fritattas can be greasy, but they are mostly just a jumble of ingredients held together with an egg. Spicy tomato sauce with mushrooms, eggs, Parmesan, or lobster mixed all up with your choice of angel hair, elbow and butterfly pasta!

Learn how to cook up your very own cheese filled cheese omelette in this fun cooking game. The Happy Easter Bunny wishes you all the best this chocolate egg covered Holiday! Waffle Eggwiches Cooking Game.

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Easter is finally here, and Rosy can't wait to start the holiday fun. Every day is a day to celebrate!

That might mean a long trudge through emails or cracking rocks on the side of the road for some. Sara's baking some yummy treats that are both sweet and savory. Easter is nearing, Elsa is pregnant and she can't paint the eggs all alone.

Cooking Breakfast Sandwich. Its a romantic and healthy meal complete with eggs, tomatoes, cheese, spinach and more! Pick from a mouth-watering assortment of all the classic traditional pizza favorites like ham, pineapple, mushroom, bacon, cheese, and onions. Kristoff Makes Spicy Eggs.

This game takes a few seconds to load. Easter Picture Search Puzzle. It's clear that whoever thinks this is a perfect breakfast might need to rethink what breakfast is exactly. Our Cooking Games will entertain you and teach you everything you need to know about the kitchen.

Mix all the ingredients, put the bread in the oven and you are ready! Use the mouse to swap adjacent eggs, when four or more eggs line up, those eggs will disappear. Games at PrimaryGames PrimaryGames is the fun place to learn and play! Boil, season, dress, and serve delicious instant noodles with all kinds of different toppings like tomato sauce, eggs, and cucumbers.

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Did you always wanted to make and eat your own egg bread? Almost everyone agrees that chopped onion and chopped bell pepper cooked into the egg is more than perfect! Have fun helping Toto color some Easter Eggs in this cute holiday themed duplication puzzle. This recipe is great for a piping hot treat right out of the oven! One of the best sandwiches for a quick lunch is a tuna sandwich.

Kristoff has got up really early this morning so he thought to surprise Elsa and Anna with a delicious breakfast in bed. Each game is reviewed to ensure that is is safe for all ages. Mia is preparing for Easter by cooking up one of her favorite holiday recipes. If you could have whatever you want for breakfast, what would you get? Barbie had a dream of becoming a famous chef in the world.

Where Are You Bunny Bunny? Start your day by cooking your own sandwich. Check out this yummy, colorful way to start your day!