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Interstellar KhoMha Remix. So many memories, almost every one of them.

The Whiteroom Ehren Stowers Remix. No oliver lieb tracks are on here either, what a shame.

The only problem with this track is that it is on the short side and all the longer remixes don't have this same sound. Mystic Vibes Extended Mix.

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You must be out of our mind to say such a thing. Only You Boy Extended Mix. Allen watt-Mike van Fabio velvet blue.

As well As Armin - clear blue moon. To this day I have not heard a trance song that moves me as much as this one. It makes great use of instruments not normally used in trace, like a Spanish sounding trumpet, perfectly working together with synths tell a story.

This is just a solid track all around. It then breaks completely down into a super emotional string, vocal session. Andrew Rayel is a master with mixing piano with trance.

Since when did you listen to. These tracks are all pretty mediocre or have been done before. Sarah Mclachlan - Silence Airscape Remix.

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It's one of the most unique mixes of instruments to me and everything fits together perfectly. Those were the tracks that attracted the masses to the genre and allowed it to grow to what it is. Kelly Andrew is a badass composer and one of the most talented artists there is.

This is my favorite Oakenfold song. Tracking Treasure Down Revisited feat. Trance is able to break down tracks into deep emotional meditations that just take you away into another world. This is one of those tracks that you can completely zone out to and just enter a different world.

And obviously the vocals and lead synth are amazing. You must be out of our mind.

Tiesto took an already awesome film score and just made it a thousand times better. Stay Sneijder Extended Remix. Wow, how could you not mention Luminary - Amsterdam.

The Universe of trance is endless. This is such a great easy listening trance jam. It starts off with nice atmospheric vocals and slowly builds to a trancey synth and then later climaxes with metal guitar and drums. Though I encourage you to listen all the way through cause they get better down the list.

Blah Blah Blah Extended Mix. This is beautiful trance to me and it doesn't get better than this. To each his own, bilal dannoun lectures but I find this trance list utter bullox. The Separation of Science and State.

The 20 Best Psytrance Songs Ever (Updated )The DJ ListThe 20 Best Psytrance Songs Ever

The 20 Best Psytrance Songs Ever

This is an underrated track that has one of the coolest parts ever in a song. The Price For Being Better. More information about text formats.

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