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Syncing Cable Your handset may have come with a syncing cable. So i have a samsung touch, the one that slides up kind of like a sidekick or whatever. Now search for your mobile you want to stream the music from and add it.

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Just switch on the Bluetooth and stream the songs. You can try downloading music by pluggging it into a windows computer. Many, if not most, cell phones these days offer built-in music players. This is only advised if you have a data plan, as you will rack up a lot of overage charges by downloading files.

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From there click it and drag music into the music folder. Photo Credits usb image by Edsweb from Fotolia.

Answer Questions My classic ipod has no Bluetooth capabilities. Downloading songs from computer to cell phone?

Where can I buy original Apple earbuds? Buy a micro sd card for phones, pakistani cricket songs mp4 ur phone should have a slot for it somewhere. You can transfer both music you purchased on iTunes and music you got from somewhere else.

It should be automatically. First, you will need to pair your handset with your computer. After that idk what else to do.

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How to Fix Can t Add Music to iPhone XS (Max)/XR/X/8/7/SE/6/6s

Product-related questions? If both your computer and phone have Bluetooth capabilities, you can use that to transfer files wirelessly.

When you want to stop playing, just disconnect Bluetooth on either of the devices. Launch iTunes if it does not load automatically upon the iPod's connection.

Click on the Music tab in TunesMate. Your phone requires a microsd card for music. If there are multiple folders listed, find the music folder. Because of all of the bugs in iTunes, it sometimes is better to use a simpler, iTunes alternative application like iMyFone TunesMate. Connect your handset to your computer using your syncing cable.

Can anybody answer my questions regarding Apple closing down iTunes? Allow your device to exchange files.

This option, of course, is far from free. Connect the cell phone and transfer the iPod's music files from your hard drive.

You have not set iTunes to allow you to manually transfer music. Related Questions Download free songs to cell phone? Allow it to fully complete the installation before continuing. Then go to your carriers or samsung.

How can i download songs in my cell phone? Download free songs for cell phone? There are lots of different reasons why you might have lost your ability to transfer your songs from iTunes. Do noise-cancelling headphones really work? Select the music, directly drag and drop them to the music window of TunesMate.

Have you been trying to add songs to your iPhone, but it's not working right? Anyways i have mac so if you know how to do that using mac then please tell me. After you have successfully paired the two devices, locate the music file s you wish to download to your cell phone.

Listening to music saved on a media-capable cell phone can be convenient if you do not wish to carry your Apple iPod. Install it then it should appear on your macs desktop. This can be frustrating, and it can happen for many reasons.

How can i download songs in my cell phone

My classic ipod has no Bluetooth capabilities. You can sync from different libraries to one iPhone without erasing the one you have. Select your device from the menu, and follow on-screen instructions. Did you hear about Apple shutting down iTunes?

How can i download songs in my cell phone

Right-click on the Bluetooth icon in the Windows system tray and select the option Add a device. After both the phone and your computer are paired with each other, right-click again on the Bluetooth icon in the system tray and select Show Bluetooth Devices this time. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter.